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Our founders spend years in Ithaca studying the nuances of flavor, texture and terroir and uncovering the parallels between wine and tea at Cornell, the world’s most famous school of hospitality management and oenology


Being selected to be part of Cornell’s Center for Food Entrepreneurship gives access to resources, outreach and research opportunities that are far beyond the reach of most global beverage companies.


What begins as an idea, gradually transforms itself into a luxury tea brand at Cornell’s Business School. A year later,Signature Estates is launched in the historic city of Boston and makes it to the editor’s ‘favorite list’ at the Boston Globe

Like winegrowers or vignerons, we think of ourselves as producers of rare and exquisite teas that express the subtleties of the lands that nurture them.

When you’ve been growing tea for as long as we have, you learn the secrets of ‘terroir’….the almost mystical connection between soil, climate, plant genes and human activity that defines a vintage. And you understand why our selected estates are geographically predestined to produce some of the world’s most elegant teas.

But our intention is not to tell you: ‘This is a good tea. Taste it.’ Rather than dictate your choice, we want to take you on a taste tour of our teas. Learn the variations of regions, seasons and the nuances of aroma and taste.

Discover what you truly enjoy.

Who we are

Signature Estates is a speciality tea company, with locations in Boston and Kolkata, the tea hub of India. As a 100% vertically integrated company, we have our own plantations, spanning over 20000 acres. Also as purveyors to discerning tea buyers worldwide in both retail and HORECA, we grow, blend, flavour and package teas and also conduct tea training workshops at high end hotels like the Taj, Oberoi, Le Meridien, JWM, Hyatt, Radisson BLU etc. We work with F&B teams worldwide to create custom tea and food pairing menus.

About our teas

We are organic and fairtrade certified and have eco friendly packaging. Our products include black teas, green teas, oolong teas, white teas, chais and tisanes. We use the best quality flavours including freeze dried fruits and herbs. This preserves their nutritional value, extends shelf life & improves rehydration times in both hot and cold water. We offer two kinds of tea bags : a cost effective, double chamber paper tea bag option and a premium, pyramid silken sachet option. Our double chamber paper tea bags make it easier for water to circulate optimally around the tea leaves. No glue. Made exclusively of top quality, taste neutral filter paper. Our pyramid sachets are ultrasonically sealed, staple free, made of biodegradable material. We use only good quality tea leaves in our tea bags, no dust and no fannings.

Our most popular configuration is for the individually packed pyramid tea bags in 50 count cartons. However we will be more than happy to provide you pyramid tea bags in different packing configurations or staple free paper tea bags/ loose tea packs in any configuration. We can also provide organic teas based on their availability and do assorted boxes and custom tea blends.

The prices will depend on quantity/configuration ordered.

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